Prostitutes Drowning In Student Loan Debt — Pimp Steps In To Help Pay It Off (VIDEO)

Student loan debt is out of control in this country, which is no surprise to anyone able to read a paper or turn on a TV. The cost of obtaining a degree — any degree — has risen to the point that students come out of college swimming in a sea of bills many are unable to pay. This phenomenon is not limited to students working as doctors, nurses, lawyers or engineers.

Legal prostitutes in Nevada apparently have the same problems with student loan debt, and pimp Dennis Hof of Bunny Ranch fame has come up with a plan to help.

I know, it’s pretty twisted that a man who uses a woman’s body to make his living can come across as, in this one specific instance, altruistic. I guess even pimps can be givers, can’t they?

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With more than 500 women working for him at his string of brothels in Nevada (including the Bunny Ranch), Hof says that problems with student loan debt come up in almost every interview he conducts with a prospective “employee.” Sadly, he sees more and more young women with student loan debt applying to work for him.

And that, my friends, may be the real take-away from all this. Women feeling the need to sell their bodies to pay off student debt because they feel they have no other option.

Hof’s plan? For the first sixty days a woman works for him, he matches dollar for dollar every payment an employee makes to pay down their debt. He pays the matching amount from his whopping 50 percent take from clients’ payments to employees for services. And if the woman chooses to leave after the sixty days are over with her debt paid off, that’s just fine with him.

Dennis Hof, misogynist with a heart:


Featured image courtesy of YouTube screen capture.

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