Priest Promises To Call Cops After Hidden Camera Is Found In Bathroom – He Doesn’t And The Camera Disappears (VIDEO)

As much as liberals love Pope Francis and his relatively progressive views, the Catholic church continues to have a big problem with sex abuse.

In April, a hidden camera was found inside the men’s restroom at the St. Francis Church in Sherwood, Oregon. It was disguised as an electrical outlet and the person who discovered it was a 15-year-old boy who reported it to the priest, Father Ysrael Bien, who said he would report it to police. He never did.

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Bien is now on leave, and police believe that he may be responsible for the camera, or he aided and abetted the person who was.

The bathroom had one toilet and a door to the vesting room, where the altar boys and the priest prepared for mass. The boy discovered the camera when he noticed the strange placement for an electrical outlet. He pulled it from the wall and brought it to Bien, who said he would report it.

When the boy’s mother asked two days later whether the police wanted to talk the boy, Bien said no, that the police had gotten all the information they need from him and that they had a suspect in mind who was supposedly planting cameras in other places. In a Facebook message, the priest told the parents:

“Sherwood police did not have enough to go with from the device,” the priest wrote. “Two sets of fingerprints were found: mine and, by process of elimination, (your son’s). … They were hoping to find a third set of fingerprints to lead them to the perpetrator. But there was none. Not surprising because they said it is consistent with the modus operandi of the person they have in mind. The device – same style and model – is ‘affiliated’ with this person. Unfortunately, these are ‘circumstantial (sic). Because of insufficient and inconclusive evidence, they are not able to place the person they have in mind in our church bathroom. …

“Fortunately, however, other police departments are pursuing the same person for another on-going case investigation (I am not sure if it is a crime of a similar nature or different and bigger). Happily, this is where they are confident they are going to get him. So, officially Sherwood police investigation of our incident is over. But other police departments (Tigard or Beaverton, I’m not exactly sure) are currently pursuing the person they think is also our perpetrator …”

Source: Oregon Live

After more time passed, the parents became suspicious and they contacted the deacon asking for a copy of the police report. The deacon hadn’t heard a thing about it. When they requested a copy from Bein, with an ultimatum that they’d contact the police for it if they didn’t receive it from him, Bein confessed that he hadn’t filed a police report and that the camera had disappeared.

Bein is on leave, and police have warrants to search his home, his car, the church, his phones, and computers.

Here’s the video:

The Pope, while changing the church in many ways, has done little to change the culture of sex abuse. He has set up commissions to internally investigate the crimes, but he’s done little to bring clergy to justice outside of the church. In fact, he’s done little in the way of penance.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture.

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