President Obama Busts Out Some Soul At The White House With A Ray Charles Tribute (VIDEO)

President Obama has presided over seven years of black history month like no other President in history possibly could: from the perspective of a man who has seen the adversity racism creates possibly more often than any man in history. President Obama’s administration isn’t historic just because he’s black, it’s historic because of how much hate our country has shown him for it.

We learned fast just how ugly the racists of America truly are. First and foremost was the Republican party, whose platform became to block anything and everything president Obama tried to accomplish. After watching how effectively Democrats govern for a short while, which included the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has changed the rules in favor of the consumer when it comes to health care.

The president, a man who secret service agents have said has more actionable threats against him in a week than most president’s have in months stood, for the most part alone, and acted…presidential while congress sat idly by, gridlocked and powerless to do anything productive…again. Now nearing the end of a second term that will go down in history as the most productive of any second term in history, especially considering the GOP majority on the hill.

At this point the president has sealed his legacy with his signature health care law, a foreign relations record that leaves his predecessor in good shape to be the leader of the free world and an economy and jobs market steadily growing and eager to see what’s next. It allows the president to sit back and enjoy nights like this, where he hosted the final PBS “In Performance at the White House,” where a touching tribute to Ray leads to the president belting out some lines:

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