POTUS Talks About His Tears And Newtown: ‘Only Time I’ve Seen Secret Servicemen Cry On Duty’ (VIDEO)

Anyone who truly believes that President Obama used raw onions or Visine to create fake tears when he spoke of the little ones gunned down in Newtown has gone past the realm of a**hole and landed directly on the island of delusion. President Obama went to Newtown, along with his Secret Service detail, to meet with the families of the tiny victims on what he describes as the worst day of his Presidency.

He said it was the only time he’s ever seen Secret Service agents cry on duty.

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Before you watch the President explain just why he was so emotional not only on that day but years later just speaking of it, try to remember the circumstances. I have a 5-year-old daughter who was barely three at the time and I remember not being able to look at her that day without crying. When the president gave his speech and wept for those kids it was as if it had just happened all over again, and much of America struggled to choke back their own tears one more time.

These were little kids. They were beautiful little boys and girls who never had a chance to grow up because a lunatic and his gun took precedence that day. If you truly think the president’s executive orders on gun control have anything to do with anything other than doing all he can to make sure that never happens again you need to have your head examined.

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Watch President Obama silence the a**holes who think he cried for political reasons and not for children below:


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