Popular Rapper Makes A Complete FOOL Out Of Nancy Grace During Pot Legalization Debate (VIDEO)

Nancy Grace sure didn’t do anything to change her reputation as an uninformed hot-headed ninny  when she debated rapper 2 Chainz on marijuana legalization this week.

While 2 Chainz maintained a calm, level-headed demeanor and backed up his claims with well thought out arguments, Grace went off the deep-end…several times.

Grace used tactics such as personal attacks and flimsy straw man arguments to try to bewilder the cool and collected rapper, and grew visibly frustrated when he fired back with well-constructed arguments. Often times she would ask a question meant to rile the rap star, and then cut him off in anger when she didn’t get the response she obviously wanted.

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After stating that she had seen a video of him “smoking a big fat doobie,” something that he never denied, she went straight to a video of a mother forcing a 2-year-old to smoke a blunt. Her argument was that if cannabis becomes legal, we will face an epidemic of parents getting their children high. 2 Chainz had the perfect response and stated:

Moms giving kids pot shows the dangers of parental abuse, not weed legalization. She might have mental issues. It might be something deeper than a joint, I believe.

Alcohol is legal in all 50 states, but (most) parents aren’t rushing out to get their toddlers wasted on vodka. It most likely does happen from time to time, but as 2 Chainz states, that is an issue with an unstable parent, not the substance itself.

Not getting her point across so far, Grace tried a different tactic:

If this is legalized, then everyone is going to have unlimited access to pot.

2 Chainz masterfully pointed out that most people in America already have access to marijuana. It is an unregulated market and can be found just about anywhere. In states that have recently legalized cannabis for medical and or recreational use, the production, prescription, and possession has been closely monitored.

One of the best arguments made by 2 Chainz was that the legalization of marijuana would free up taxpayer resources due to the decreased arrests and incarcerations associated with marijuana possession — which is a proven fact if you look at the numbers in Colorado. Grace did not seem to grasp this concept at all, and even asked how legalization would save taxpayers money. She could not wrap her head around the fact that thousands of possession arrests per year rack up court-costs, and lead to incarcerations, causing an unneeded strain on taxpayers.

Not only that, but the revenues legalized pot can bring in — which help fund schools and other important social projects — are astronomical.

Being a former prosecutor, this should be blatantly obvious to Grace. But since these documented facts  don’t fit her preconceived agenda, it’s doubtful she’ll ever change her shrill tune on the subject.

Watch the video for yourself below:

H/T: Vice.com | Image via YouTube screengrab

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