Dawson Creek Police Shoot Man In Guy Fawkes Mask, And They Got The Wrong Guy (VIDEO)

Thursday night the Royal Canadian Mounted Police shot and killed a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and now some accounts associated with Anonymous are calling for justice. According to the Alaska Highway News,

RCMP were called to the restaurant around 6:30 p.m. last night to reports of a man disrupting and damaging property at a BC Hydro open house on the Site C dam project.

Hydro had been holding the open house in the banquet facilities of the restaurant to update the public on construction timelines for the $8.8-billion hydro dam on the Peace River.

The IIO says police arrived on scene and encountered a man wearing a mask outside the restaurant, and believed him to be connected to the complaint. At some point, a confrontation occurred and police shot the masked man. He was taken to hospital where he later died of his wounds, according to the IIO.

Details are being released slowly. A man who wishes not to be identified for employment reasons was waiting in the parking lot where the shooting took place and told reporters that he saw a witness’s video and identified the mask as a Guy Fawkes mask, commonly used by the hactivist group “Anonymous”.

Revolution News reports that twitter accounts connected with Anonymous are showing outrage over the murder of one of their comrades, demanding justice, vowing revenge and questioning if he was connected with the First Nation protests scheduled over the Hydro Dams.

RCMP jumped to conclusions too fast; The man shot was not the one causing a disturbance.

According to the latest Alaska Highway News article, officials have now confirmed that the man shot was not the same man who caused the disturbance.

“We verified, verified, verified. At two o’clock I was told the same guy, at three o’clock I was told the same guy, then I land in Dawson Creek and I’m told ‘different guy,'” said Kellie Kilpatrick, executive director of public accountability with the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) at a media conference at 7 p.m. Friday.

The man who caused the disruption and damage property is alive (as he should be), and another man is dead. The police are claiming the man was holding a knife and acting aggressively towards the police, but if so, one questions why they assumed the man wearing a mask needed to be confronted as a threat, and why they couldn’t find a non-lethal way to neutralize any perceived threat?

Investigators are looking into if the officers had tasers or any lessor means of force as a key part of the investigation. Police have been sequestered as part of policy, and we hope our neighbors to the north will be more forthcoming than we have seen here in the States as the investigation continues. The IIO is asking for tips, especially for videos taken on cell phone cameras to be called into their hotline – 1-855-446-TIPS.

Graphic Warning: Below is a video originally posted by Corey Pfeifer on Facebook, which has now spread to YouTube. It starts just after the man has been shot.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBtqU0IKjJs]

Featured image screenshot via YouTube

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