Police Chief Breaks Down After 5-Month-Old Girl Shot To Death (VIDEO)

If there is any a greater example of just how much of a gun problem we have in this country, it is when children are killed.

On October 1st in Cleveland, Ohio,  5-Month-Old Aavielle Wakefield was riding in a car with her mother and grandmother downtown, when the car was suddenly sprayed with bullets. One of the bullets tore through the car door and hit her in the chest. The child’s grandmother called 911 and begged for help:

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I need the police. I need an ambulance. Someone is shooting at our car, and they shot the baby!

Emergency medics raced the baby to a hospital, but she passed away from her injuries.

Aavielle was the third child to be killed in the city in less than a month. On September 4,  5-year-old Romone Burnett Jr., was killed in a drive-by shooting. Eleven days later, on September 15, 3-year-old, Major Howard was also killed in a drive-by shooting. After Aavielle died, Police Chief Calvin Williams broke down when speaking to reporters about the violence that is killing the children of Cleveland.

And Cleveland isn’t alone: all over our country kids are dying from gunshot wounds. ABC News reports:

FBI statistics show that from 2010 through 2013, firearm homicides took the lives of 439 children under the age of 12. The total rises to 1,437 when you add people from age 12-16. These are the latest stats available, and don’t reflect the sudden spike in homicides in major cities in 2015.

Our kids are being killed, and the right-wing is refusing to do anything to help us. To a very large part of this country, the Second Amendment is more important than our children. The Right will say,”This baby was probably killed by gang members.” And that is a possibility. However, these gangs use guns because our culture has taught people who guns are the way to solve problems. Just look at all of the Stand Your Ground laws.

It is disgusting.

Watch Police Chief Calvin Williams break down below:

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