Paul Ryan Kicks Off RNC With Trump SLAM: He’s ‘Not My Kind Of Conservative’ (VIDEO)

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan has only had lukewarm support for his party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. He took a month after Trump won the nomination to endorse him, and when he did so, he did it in a cowardly way. He released his endorsement during Hillary Clinton’s big foreign policy speech, in which Clinton used Trump’s own outrageous statements to bury him as an ignorant buffoon who is unfit to lead the free world. Well, Ryan’s tepid support continued as he kicked off the Republican National Convention – in other words, Trump’s coronation party – by slamming his own nominee.

Ryan spoke in Cleveland, Ohio, at a lunch hosted by the Wall Street Journal, and pretty much told the two dozen reporters who were present that he’s only on the Trump Train because he has to be. Ryan said he supports Trump, but he is, quote, “just not my kind of conservative.” Ryan continued:

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But I come from a different part and wing of the party. “I think he is a conservative. There are different kinds of conservatives, that’s for darn sure. I think he is a conservative because of his experiences, but is he what we refer to as a movement conservative? … No, because he didn’t come up that way. I know a lot of business leaders who are conservatives, who arrive at their conservatism through their own path in life, not through studying the classics of conservatism.

The thing is, though, Ryan has had more battles with Trump than he has agreements. He slammed Trump’s Muslim ban, his refusal to immediately disavow Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and his racist organization, and, most notably, Trump’s racist attacks on the Mexican-American judge handling the lawsuits against Trump’s fraudulent Trump University. He even called those comments the “textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Despite all of this, Ryan puts party before country and orders conservatives around the nation to line up behind the GOP’s obviously bigoted standard-bearer. Speaker Ryan, you should be ashamed of yourself. You know this guy is unfit to lead the nation and the free world, yet you are prepared to pull the lever for him and try to force the rest of your party to do the same.

Watch Paul Ryan’s remarks below, via The Hill:

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