Pat Robertson Condemns America’s ‘Culture Of Death’ But He’s Very Wrong About Its Cause (VIDEO)

On Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson spoke about the “culture of death” in America, but he’s pretty mixed up as to its cause. You see, ol’ Pat believes that it’s the blood of “innocent babies” that makes America the bloodiest country this side of ancient Rome. Of course, Pat thinks that all of this abortion nonsense is Satan’s fault. Everything Pat dislikes is Satan’s fault, much like everything that pleases Pat, pleases God. Funny how that works, eh?

But Pat, like most conservatives, has a blind spot: gun violence. Now, you’d think that in the wake of our worst mass shooting since Native Americans were the targets, Pat might get a clue. Nope. He can’t hear the ringing of that particular clue phone. For Pat, hyperbole in the service to anti-abortion propaganda is as natural as breathing:

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It’s a shocking holocaust. And we as Americans seem to think it’s okay. Well, it’s not okay. And one day, a righteous, holy God is going to demand an accounting for every drop of blood that has been spilled of innocent, unborn babies. And we just keep it mind, when it happens it’s going to be awful.

Those words are more apt when describing America’s problem with guns. The latest statistics from the FBI place gun homicides at 8,124 in the year 2014. That is around 27 people every day being shot to death. That’s just homicides. When you add in accidents and suicides and mere injuries, the number comes up to 51,818 in 2014. And only about 1,600 were defensive uses.

This, Pat Robertson, is the holocaust. This is what is not okay. This is the spilling of blood for which any sane God would demand an accounting. You are looking in the wrong place, Pat. But I’m sure that some of that NRA money finds its ways into your coffers, just as it does for our elected officials. Add that to your misogyny and adherence to the word of an ancient, tribal, desert god and you have become nothing more than a spokesman for twisted right-wing ideology. You are a Pseudo-Christian.

Here’s the video courtesy of Right Wing Watch


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