Oregon Patriots Hold An Absurd Press Conference, Give Themselves A Stupid Name (VIDEO)

Ammon Bundy has proven that he’s just as, if not more, dense than his father, Cliven. When Cliven had a standoff with the bureau of Land Management it was because they seized his property. After deciding an armed confrontation over some cattle wasn’t worth the bloodshed, the government moved forward with its plan to get the money Bundy has screwed the taxpayers out of and let the cows go.

His son has taken up quite the battle as well now, probably thinking he’s just as untouchable as Daddy was. The difference is, the elder Bundy was grazing his cattle on public land. Bundy Junior decided to seize some. In a press conference on Monday, Bundy announced a bunch of incoherent reasons for his little escapade into the woods, none of which are valid for the purposes of a “revolution.” The ranchers in the area don’t want them there. The Man and son going to prison for arson have accepted their fate.

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Bundy’s press conference also has the added bonus of revealing the name of the militia heroes, who shall forever be the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. As they steal land from taxpayers and vow to destroy it with mines, cattle and logging they call themselves “constitutional.” Obviously, not a one has ever actually read it.

Watch the first incoherent press conferenced from Ammon Bundy and the CFCF below:

Featured image via screen capture

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