Ohio Right Wingers: Allowing Transgirls To Use Girl’s Bathroom Violates ‘Christian Rights’ (VIDEO)

Another day, another collection of so-called “Christian adults” rallying against children.

On Tuesday, Ohio parents protested at a board meeting in the Northwest Local School District after learning that a student who identifies as female but still has male anatomy has been allowed to use the girl’s restroom. As you can guess, very few of them were happy,with some even going so far as to argue that it violated their “Christian rights.”

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“It’s simple.”

For a young transgender girl at Northwest Elementary School in McDermott, the year is getting off on the wrong foot as people pretending to be adults blasted the child for using the bathroom of her choice.

One parent, Karen Jones, argued that anatomy should be the defining factor:

If you have a child who has boy anatomy, let him go to the boys’ restroom. If you have a child who has girls anatomy let them go to the girls’ restroom. It’s simple.

Other parents weren’t so understanding. Parent Patty Crabtree had some whining about special rights, and she wanted to make sure everyone heard it:

I despise it. We’re Christians, we don’t believe in this all these different types of males and females — you know, what we have now. We have slowly watched all of our rights, our Christian rights, are being taken from us. We are tired of it.

Whine as hard as they might, and ostracize the student as they will, the school is standing its ground. The superintendent for the school, Todd Jenkins, said that he’d recently refreshed himself on Title IX requirements after the school opened, and Title IX — passed in 1972 — protects a student’s right use a bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

School officials aren’t allowed to force students to use unisex bathrooms, either.

“Our job is to educate every child regardless of gender, and we want to make sure every child is safe,” the superintendent told the local ABC affiliate.

The board also defended the child, reminding the parents that their requests and suggestions would violate federal education regulations. The president of the board, Keith Crabtree, told parents that it’s a “national thing” and that “we don’t have the power to make a decision like that.”

As they shouldn’t. Our society, to remain a free and equal society, has to respect people’s decisions and treat people equally in all regards. That’s why Title IX is so important; it provides students their right to define themselves as they wish. If a person born male identifies as a female, she’s a female. If they identify as agendered, then they have no gender. It is that simple, but right-wingers want to complicate things because they can’t leave well enough alone.

At the end of the day, gender reassignment surgery is like surgery to remove your wisdom teeth. Not everyone needs it, but for those that do need it, it’s a relief and it usually improves your quality of life.

Watch the video below:

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