NYC Activist Slams Bill O’Reilly For ‘Painting Black Men As Society’s Moral Monsters’ (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly is so ridiculously ignorant it hurts. How can a man so out of touch with reality who thinks he grew up poor because he “knew kids who didn’t have much money” (by his standards) be in a position to pass judgement on those who are actually poor? Having grown up in a town on Long Island with an almost non-existent minority population, how can he possibly be an “expert” on anything race-related, let alone the socioeconomic segregation of black communities.

How? Fox News, that’s how.

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This segment of The O’Reilly Factor has Mr. Bill grinning smugly, declaring that black people are their own worst enemy while New York City activist Michael Myers makes him look like a shameful fool.

When Myers tries to explain that black men don’t “go after” black men because they’re black but rather because they live in the same segregated neighborhoods, O’Reilly scoffs, saying, “They can live wherever they want.”

Maybe that’s true for you, Mr. Bill. That doesn’t make it true in the real world. In the real world, black families living in poverty in inner cities have very few options. While people like O’Reilly are under the impression that poverty is something that can be cured by simply getting a better job and moving from your neighborhood, the reality isn’t quite that easy, especially for minorities facing the very real roadblocks of racism.

For his last words, Myers tells O’Reilly:

You’re painting black men as society’s moral monsters. Quit it.

Well said. Unfortunately O’Reilly needs the ratings he gets from white men over 60 like him, so he will most definitely not “quit it.” O’Reilly, like all the actors at Fox News, have an agenda to follow. They can’t be truthful or unbiased in their reporting or they risk losing their jobs.

Watch activist Michael Myers slam Bill O’Reilly for having no idea what he’s talking about.

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