NRA’s ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Rhetoric Gets Former Marine Killed In Texas (VIDEO)

In Arlington, Texas former Marine Anthony Antell Jr., 35, died Tuesday while attempting an armed intervention after witnessing a violent domestic dispute between 22-year old Ricci Chambless Bradden, and his wife Quinisha Shermon Johnson, 22, in the parking lot of a Walgreens store.

The shooting took place on Monday around 11:50 a.m. Bradden, an active duty Army soldier, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas,  arrived at the store and confronted his wife, who’s a Walgreens employee. The couple argued in the parking lot before Bradden allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Johnson in the foot.

Johnson ran inside the store, and Bradden ran back to his car in an attempt to leave the scene.

Antell, who owned a local CrossFit gym, was with his wife sitting inside their vehicle at the time of the shooting. After the shooting, Antell grabbed his gun and left his vehicle to confront Bradden.

At that point the suspect exits the vehicle, shoots the good Samaritan. The good Samaritan is pronounced deceased at the scene,” said Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook.

Bradden then drove back to Fort Hood. On the way, he called his commanding officer who convinced him to turn himself into authorities. Bradden surrendered himself at a Texas Department of Public Safety office in Hillsboro, Texas.

According to police, Antell’s wife witnessed her husband’s murder from inside their vehicle. Antell also leaves behind three small children.

T.J. Antell lost his journey of life very suddenly today in a very heroic act of courage for the well-being of other people,” said the family’s pastor, Rev. Marc Lowrance of United Methodist Church in Arlington. “He went out of this world on top

Police said Bradden will be transported back to Arlington where to face a murder charge. His bond was set at $500,000.

Authorities also cautioned the general public against taking drastic actions when witnessing a crime.

Any time that you can be the best witness you can be, we always recommend that,” Cook said. “Sometimes things turn out like this when you’re trying to stop a bad guy.

The National Rifle Association has managed to claim another victim.

The NRA’s deadly campaign urging “good guys with guns” to intervene in dangerous situations continue to cost too many untrained citizens their freedom and sometimes their lives. One could argue that Antell was trained in combat. However, combat experience is much different than being a police officer. Here’s an example of the poison the NRA spreads, urging gun owners to take the law into their own hands.

In the above video, NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre regularly uses the “good guy with a gun” argument to justify his organizations lobbying on behalf of gun manufacturers. The NRA often uses examples of trained personnel such as soldiers, secret service agents, and police, to justify the use of guns within American society.

What LaPierre and his fellow gun sycophants fail to mention is that people who perform those duties are professionals who undergo thousands of hours of mandatory year-round training to remain proficient in their specific duties. Comparing a secret service agent or a police officer to a regular gun owner is like comparing a brain surgeon to a local butcher.

In certain situations a gun can save your life, people who live in rural areas may have a need for personal protection when the nearest police officer is too far to help them. However, even certain situations such as the one which LaPierre described can result in unexpected tragedy.

Let’s make something clear. Antell was an American hero who served his country and dedicated his life to helping others. While his actions were ill-advised, and ultimately cost him his life, that doesn’t diminish the man he was.  However, it’s clear that different choices may have allowed this husband and father to return home to his family.

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