North Carolina Town Turns Freakout Dial To 11 After Lifeguard Hangs Rainbow Flag (VIDEO)

In the tiny town of Carolina Beach, North Carolina, their idea of flags, especially on the Fourth of July, are probably limited to the U.S. flag, their state flag and maybe the Confederate flag. They never expected to see a rainbow flag on their beach.

When a lifeguard decided to hang a pride flag in an attempt to make people feel more welcome, residents freaked out. Some even took it to mean that the lifeguard would only save the lives of gay people, which is awfully coincidental because it’s what homophobes want to do – only instead of only serving gay people, they want to only serve straight people.

Pretty much immediately someone complained,” lifeguard Zach Hupp, who flew the flag, told WECT. He says they told “one of the other lifeguards that they thought because I was flying that flag that I would only rescue gay people.

Source: The New Civil Rights Movement

One person wrote on their FB page:

I was on the North End today, with about 35 friends, when it was pointed out that Lifeguard Tower #37 was not only flying a yellow flag, but also a gay and lesbian flag. As a long-time resident, I understand the importance of the caution flags, utilized by the lifeguards, but any other flag I thought was prohibited. Being the Fourth of July, an American Flag would have been more appropriate. I didn’t know how to explain this one to the tourists who asked us about it. Some knew exactly what type of flag it was, others wondered if it had anything to do with the ocean conditions. I hope that you can reply with a reasonable explanation.

One type of flag was apparently acceptable at Carolina Beach.


Here’s the video:

WECT, weather

Hupp was given a warning by the town, which now explicitly forbids anything but approved flags. I wonder how many of the people who think he wouldn’t rescue anyone but gay people are for someone’s “religious right” to not service gay people?


Featured image via video screen capture.

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