No Charges Filed Against Gun Nut Who Shot Police Chief (VIDEO)

A bizarre series of events in Oklahoma has left a local police chief hospitalized with gunshot wounds, and the man who shot him has not yet been charged with any crime.

On Thursday, January 15, Sentinel, Oklahoma police chief Louis Ross was shot while investigating a bomb threat. Sentinel mayor Sam Dlugonsky told KOTV that someone called a bomb threat into the Community Action Head Start Program in the early morning hours. According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the suspect identified himself during the call.

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At about 6 a.m., police, including Chief Ross, went to the house of a man named Dallas Horton. They entered the house, cleared one room, and were in the process of clearing a second room when Horton shot Ross three times; once in his arm, and twice in the chest. Fortunately for Ross, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Ross was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Investigators say that none of the officers discharged a weapon. Horton surrendered after firing multiple shots.

Horton was taken in for questioning, but was later released without being charged. The reason? Investigators say that it appeared that Horton did not know that it was police who were entering the house.

Chief Ross speaks about the shooting.

KOTV spoke to Louis Ross about Thursday’s events. According to Ross, he called for backup before entering the Horton home. Ross told KOTV, “Don’t know what he heard or didn’t hear screaming from five officers of the law announcing our presence, requesting to see hands.” Horton has maintained that he had no idea the people who entered his house were police officers.

Ross says that he won’t comment about Horton’s release, due to the ongoing investigation. But, he tells KOTV that he has confidence in the system.

The Oklahoman says that Mayor Dlugonsky wasn’t surprised when he learned that Horton had shot Ross. Dlugonsky described Horton to the paper as a “gun enthusiast,” and “survivalist,” who seemed to be “on edge.” Signs on the sides of the front door of Horton’s house say “Certified zombie killer,” and “Warning: zombies inside. Enter at your own risk.” Horton had also recently posted comments on social media about the ISIS terrorist group. Mayor Dlugonsky says that he doesn’t believe Horton has any connection to that group.

The investigation is ongoing. KOTV reports that Friday afternoon, an OSBI computer analyst said that the bomb threat calls did not come from Horton’s house.

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