News Guest Has No More F***s To Give: Lights A Joint On The Air (VIDEO)

As with the United States, cannabis is illegal in South Africa. As with the United States, there is a movement to legalize it.

On South Africa’s SABC Digital News, two guests discussed the legalization of marijuana on religious grounds. It was a pretty boring debate. On one side, a guest babbled about it being a major focus of the government, but xenophobia, or something.

The other guest was having none of the excuses. Instead, he said that the government was dragging its feet.

Then, it got interesting. The second guest lit up, right on air. The most hilarious thing was the reaction of the anchor and the first guest. Actually, there was no reaction, at all.

After listening to a few more words from the first guest, the anchor asked the weed smoking guest if he had any more comments. He gave the look of someone who truly doesn’t give two f***s, exhaled and said, “I think that’s all I’ve got to say.” At that point, he removed his mic and walked off the set.

Here’s the video:

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