New Ad Featuring Transgender Man ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS North Carolina’s Ignorant HB2 Law (VIDEO)

There’s a new ad featuring a transgender man living in Asheville, North Carolina named Zeke Christopoulos. The Ad takes direct aim at North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2 law which strips local protections for the state’s LGBT community.

In the Ad, he discusses how HB2 impacts his life with two of his work colleagues:

I remember when I learned that Zeke was transgender and had transitioned from female to male.” says his colleague, Patricia Hickling Beckman, “I was a little uncomfortable, at first,” she admits.

And I get that,” Christopoulos responds.

When you stop and think about it,” Beckman continues, “everyone needs to use the bathroom just to get through their day, and a law that forces Zeke to use the women’s restroom is totally inappropriate. And that’s exactly what HB2 does.

In one powerful scene, Christopoulos stands before two public restroom doors marked women’s and men’s. His dilemma drives home the point that under North Carolina’s current law, transgender men like him could be arrested for using the men’s room.

Christopoulos’ colleagues also note that the law not only erased protections for gay and transgender people in North Carolina, it also took away local protections for people based on “race and gender.” They also remark on how the law has cost the state jobs and financial opportunities.

The ad also gives viewers some basic education about transgender people by explaining Christopoulos’ birth circumstances.


Featured Image Screengrab via YouTube.


Image Screengrab via YouTube.

Freedom For All Americans, a national pro-LGBT group, produced the ad and had invested $100,000 into online ad buys.  According to FFAA executive director Matt McTighe, the current strategy is to measure the public’s interest in the online ad before deciding whether or not to invest in TV airtime or doubling their online investment.

The ad goes a long way toward dispelling some of the ignorant notions that Republicans around the country have spread regarding transgender people. In States like North Carolina, people like Christopoulos must now break the law every day when the leave their homes.

There are thousands of transgender men and women who only want to continue living their lives in peace and dignity, but Republicans have decided to make their bathroom needs a faux “public safety” issue for political gain.

Republicans would most likely freak out if they saw Christopoulos in a women’s restroom, but that’s exactly what their ignorant law says he must do.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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