MUST WATCH: Cops Brutally Arrest And Taser Black Lives Matter Protester In Crazy Viral Video

Black Lives Matter out of Birmingham organized a peaceful protest which lasted for well over an hour at the local Walmart without incident. That is, until a gentleman was stopped after the protest and asked to identify himself. One of the officers asked him his name, at which point Mercutio Terrell Southall Sr. responded:

What is your probable cause for asking my name?

The officer replied that he was criminally trespassing on “this property.” Let the record reflect that the property in question is Walmart. Mercutio’s friend Randall Anderson was filming the incident and both were several feet away from their vehicles in the parking lot.

Mercutio asked the cop his name, since he didn’t think he had to give it without a reason. Immediately, the cop tells another officer to arrest him. Multiple officers then surround Mercutio and taser him several times.

As Randall was filming, an officer approached him and told him to leave immediately. As he was backing up, merely five feet away from his vehicle, the officer told him less than 10 seconds after that:

Sorry, you’re taking too long. You’re going to jail, too.

Mr. Anderson then proceeds to question the validity of this, just as Mercutio tried to do peacefully. The  entire time Mercutio is heard in the background screaming in pain as the officers taser him.

Please be warned, that this video contains graphic language and is not suitable for children.

Watch here:

H/T: Randall Anderson’s Facebook page | Facebook video screen grab

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