Mother Finds Dead Son After His Younger Brother 2nd Amendments Him Over A Cheeseburger (VIDEO)

In yet another NRA “success” story, in St. Cloud, Florida, 25-year old Benjamin Middendorf has been charged with first-degree murder after shooting his older brother over a cheeseburger. To make matters worse Middendorf’s mother was the one who discovered the body.

According to the police, the two brothers got into a heated argument after Nicolas Middendorf and their mother arrived home from a bar.

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The suspect told police that his brother bullied him, prompting Middendorf to leave and return to the living room with his gun.

Middendorf’s mother told authorities that she heard her sons arguing followed by Middendorf threatening to shoot his older brother. Then she said she heard a single shot, after which she walked into the living room and found Nicolas Middendorf bleeding on the floor.

Audio from the 9-1-1 call captures the mother yelling, “My son just shot my son, how dare you Benjamin!”

Nicolas Middendorf was pronounced dead at the scene.

There are numerous studies that arrive at the same conclusion when it comes to gun ownership in America. People are more likely to kill themselves, a spouse, or a family member than use a gun for self-defense. Consider this study from 1986, when gun violence wasn’t anywhere near the proportions we see today.

A total of 743 firearm-related deaths occurred during this six-year period, 398 of which (54 percent) occurred in the residence where the firearm was kept. Only 2 of these 398 deaths (0.5 percent) involved an intruder shot during attempted entry. Seven persons (1.8 percent) were killed in self-defense.For every case of self-protection homicide involving a firearm kept in the home, there were 1.3 accidental deaths, 4.6 criminal homicides, and 37 suicides involving firearms. Hand-guns were used in 70.5 percent of these deaths. The advisability of keeping firearms in the home for protection must be questioned.

America’s obsession with guns has created more stories involving family members committing murder, suicide, and accidently shooting themselves or other family members than examples of “good guys with guns” stopping bad guys. Meanwhile, the NRA and gun manufacturers are making money hand over fist while blood continues to flow in America’s streets, thanks in part to their efforts.


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