More Black People Arrested While Trying To Swim (VIDEOS)

It appears that this may be the summer of police confrontations at swimming pools. Right on the heels of the now infamous melee at a McKinney, Texas pool, which resulted in the resignation of one police officer, comes another incident, this time at a pool in Ohio.

According to, a June 9 incident at a Fairfield, Ohio pool resulted in the arrest of two adults and two juveniles. The problem started when a teen was asked to leave the Fairfield Aquatic Center because he didn’t have proper swim trunks. Krystal Dixon, who had brought eight children to the pool, went to get a swimsuit for the boy, but when she returned she was told that he would not be allowed back into the pool.

WLWT reports that Dixon then went to get the children, and walked past an officer who told her she had to leave. She replied that she had to get the kids, and when she was apparently about to leave, the officer grabbed her arm. The situation escalated from there, and in the end, several people wound up being pepper sprayed, and placed in handcuffs.

Bishop Bobby Hilton, speaking on behalf of Dixon and her family, says that video captured by cell phones and security cameras shows that the police overreacted to the situation. Police, looking at the same videos, say that officers behaved properly, and used appropriate force.

Fairfield police chief Mike Dickey says that police were being assaulted by the group. “I think when anybody is attacking a police officer, whether it’s a gun attack, or a physical attack, or a knife attack, these officers are obligated to defend themselves,” he tells WLWT.

The video shows that there was definitely a scuffle. How it started, or who started it is not clear. One thing the video does not appear to show is any evidence that the police officers were under threat of any bodily harm, as Chief Dickey suggests.

What do you think? Were the police in the wrong in this incident? Here’s a video, via YouTube:

Following is a report from WLWTwith comments from Bishop Hilton, and Chief Dickey:

Featured image via screen shot from YouTube

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