Mom Freaked Out Over Son Learning World History, Example Of Why America Is Stupid Coming ‘Round Again (IMAGES)

A Florida (you knew it had to be, right?) mom posted a video to Facebook last year and it’s been resurrected and making the rounds again this week. In it, she explains why she had to contact her son’s school because of a World History assignment he was given. The assignment has to do with the Muslim culture and its contributions to world history. It is one chapter out of 34 in the Prentice Hall World History textbook but, from this mom’s reaction, you’d think that learning about “them Muslims” was the entire course.

Christian Kayla Normandin posted a video her Facebook page in October of 2015 (we missed it the first time) but it has since been removed. It went viral. In it, she explains the problem she’s having with her son’s school principal. It seems that she can’t understand that this assignment is a requirement in the boy’s World History class. The unnamed son is a straight-A student, according to both mom and principal, so why she would want to block him from learning is… well, no. It’s no mystery. It’s a sickness. To wit:

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We need to stand up against this, y’all. Our children don’t need to be taught this. It’s not teaching them facts. It’s not teaching them truth. It’s basically telling them that this is going to be the way of life.

When the video went viral last year, Normandin was rather perturbed by the reaction. She also doesn’t seem to understand that, once you post something openly on social media, it’s fair use. Replying in the Internet language of ALL CAPS to serious questions and comments, she showed why this frightening way of thinking is so dangerous.

Sweetie, if you post it on Facebook, publicly, it's covered under Fair Use.

Sweetie, if you post it on Facebook, publicly, it’s covered under Fair Use.



Many people felt like Emma-Jane. And got similar replies.


We all know that using ALL CAPS on the Internet makes you automatically right.

We all know that using ALL CAPS on the Internet makes you automatically right.


Sadly, there is a percentage of Americans — unfortunately pretty large and growing — to whom book learnin’ is anathema. To them, anything outside of the Bible is just not valid. They don’t care about pre-history or ancient civilizations, even though they’ve built their lives around a book from one. They don’t want to know about other cultures or religions. Those are all wrong or, worse, satanic. To them, America is the greatest country ever and all the rest are to be swept into the dustbin of their ignorance. To them, facts are malleable and truth is theirs only.

The fact that the video went viral and that she was widely ridiculed because of her isolationist view about learning, didn’t sit well with Ms. Normandin.

This mom not only doesn’t understand the contributions of Muslim culture to all of civilization, she also misconstrues the Establishment Clause when it comes to religion in public schools. She seems to think that it prevents the teaching about religion at all. This is not true. As part of history or sociology courses, it is permissible to teach about religion. What is not allowed is to promote one religion over the rest. So, unless the history teacher is providing rugs and making students pray to Mecca or perform a Hindu temple rite, there is no prohibition against teaching about religions.

It is sad that so many Americans worship at the altar of willful ignorance and stupidity. It’s worse that they make their children do the same. This is a downhill slalom which America just cannot afford. There is knowledge outside of Christianity and American exceptionalism and, if we continue to prohibit the teaching of it, we will become a country of idiots.

Except for those of us who love learning. We’ll probably be barricaded in our libraries, protecting them from the book burners. I know I will.

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