Missouri Kid’s Claim That He Couldn’t Read His Bible At School Falls Apart Under Scrutiny (VIDEO)

Fresh on the heels of the annual Fox News “War On Christmas,” came the following story out of Missouri.

“Parents say teacher violated son’s rights by not allowing him to read Bible in class,” shouts the headline on the website of Fox affiliate WDAF, from Kansas City, Missouri. The website shows that the report has been shared on Facebook over 10,000 times.

The story, by reporter Monica Evans, was picked up by a variety of media outlets, including the usual suspects, such as Fox News Insider, as well as some mainstream outlets, like The InquisitrNow the principal of the boy’s middle school has investigated, and he says there is no evidence that the story is even true.

Twelve year old Loyal Grandstaff told WDAF that he took his Bible to school before Christmas break, so he could read it during free reading time. Grandstaff said that he wasn’t sharing the Bible with other students, and he wasn’t reading it aloud, but that his teacher told him that the Bible wasn’t allowed in school.

“He doesn’t want me reading it in his class because he don’t believe it, because he feels like he’s shutdown,” Loyal said.

The school’s principal investigates, and finds the story questionable.

Lance Tobin, the principal of Bueker Middle School, in Marshall, Missouri, says he investigated the alleged incident, and found no evidence that the story is true. According to the The Blaze, Tobin said, “The incident was never validated. Fox 4 News ran the report before we had the chance to look into the incident ourselves. There is no teacher involved whatsoever.”

Tobin would not speculate on potential motives for Loyal Grandstaff and his family to make such a claim. He says that the incident has now been concluded, after meeting with Loyal and his parents.

We just all agreed and we talked about school and religion. And I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable understanding that their child could have the Bible at school and could read the Bible at school.

The most shameful part of this entire story is that, as of this writing, the original story remains on the WDAF website, as well as on Fox News Insider. There are no updates or corrections to either report.

Here is the original, discredited story, from WDAF:

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