Memphis Police Officer Posts Insanely Racist Picture To Snapchat: This Is Why BLM Exists (VIDEO)

A Memphis police officer posted a picture to Snapchat that perfectly illustrates the inherent racism in law enforcement. The picture was posted to the social media site on Thursday night by an, as yet, unnamed officer. While Dallas police were dying in service, protecting a peaceful demonstration, this bozo was laughing to himself over his racist creation.

The picture is from a first-person perspective, showing a gun — held in a white hand — aimed at an emoji of a running black man. This is what passes for a joke among some police officers.

But there is a silver lining; the picture was reported to higher-ups at the Memphis PD by another police officer. Reportedly, he spotted it on Snapchat and posted it on Twitter because of the “disgust” and “anger” it made him feel. We’ve asked for the good ones to police their own and, thankfully, someone listened.

Fox13 in Memphis reported on the story both on-air and on their social media accounts. The report spread quickly on Twitter:

Interim MPD Director, Mike Rallings, held an angry press conference. He called the image “disgusting” and said that it “will not be tolerated.”

We are certainly responsible for the decisions we make, and we are held to a higher standard. The fact that it could have been a Memphis police officer just blew me away, and again we deal with these things. I’m angry, frustrated and disappointed that we continue to go down this path. We cannot survive if we do not work together. We are not your enemy, we are your ally.

Both the officer who originally posted the picture and the officer who reposted it to Twitter have been suspended with pay. The one who reposted it won’t face punishment as harsh as the man who created the picture. And he shouldn’t. If not for him, this ugly display might have flown under the radar, as much of this stuff does.

Social media was not happy with that, though. They would like to see the cop who created the picture fired, not just suspended.

This is why Black Lives Matter exists. This is why black children need to be given “The Talk” by their parents. This is why black children view police officers as enemies. Because black communities see this sort of cavalier racist attitude displayed by some police officers. Not all of them, no. But enough to keep seeing black men being killed for selling cigarettes or reaching for their wallet.

Police are sold to the public as our protectors but that’s not true for all of us. That is why we must stand up against the injustice, whether we are black or white. I saw this posted on Facebook, an apt reworking of the moving poem by Martin Niemöller:

They came for the black men. I didn’t speak up for them because I’m not a black man.
They came for the black women. I didn’t speak up for them, because I’m not a black woman.
They came for the brown people, I didn’t speak up for them, because I am not brown.
They came for the poor white people, I did not speak up for them, because I had enough to live.
They came for me. No one was left to speak up for me.

Here is the report from FOX13 in Memphis:

Featured Image via Twitter

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