Marco Rubio: Another Republican Attacking Veterans And The Disabled (VIDEO)

This is disgusting. At a rally with supporters, Senator Marco Rubio tried to gin up hate for the disabled community.

Then you’ve got people on there because they say they have social anxiety and they can’t be around people. Welp, I mean, it’s gotten too far here. It’s basically, disability has become the new long-term unemployment.

This comes after Rand Paul said that people with disabilities are “gaming the system” and then there was that time that Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability.

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For those who actually care about the least among us, you probably know the difficult lives our veterans have when they return from combat. According to VeteransInc, mental health issues and disabilities are among the causes of veteran homelessness. In fact, 45 percent of veterans that are homeless suffer from PTSD. But before it reaches that level of heartbreak, it can reach dangerous levels of violence. In the case of a Long Island veteran,

… His internal terror got so bad that, in 2005, he shot up his El Paso, Texas, apartment and held police at bay for three hours with a 9-mm handgun, believing Iraqis were trying to get in …

In 2012, veterans applying for disability reached historic levels.

A staggering 45% of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now seeking compensation for injuries they say are service-related.

More than 400,000 of the veterans that came out of those wars have been treated by the VA for a mental health problem, most commonly PTSD. For those that aren’t veterans, DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach says that the programs that are left are actually helping people.

Millions of Americans have been lifted up because of programs supported by the Americans with Disabilities Act and federal unemployment benefits, but it seems that all the Republican presidential field wants to do is tear down those who need the support the most.

It shows a real lack of humanity and empathy to assume that no one wants to work. People need to feel needed in their lives. It is a myth that people just want to sit on the couch all day and do nothing. What people want to do is have jobs that can accommodate their disability, their pain and their hardships. With cuts to services and the Republican sequester, programs that help those find opportunities are growing smaller with each budget. Many disabled people who are from poor backgrounds and lack education have never even seen jobs that give them a chance to work from home or sit when they’re on the job.  Opportunities are out there, but they may not know where to look and instead sit helpless and feeling useless while politicians use them as a political punching bag.

If you want to run to be President of the United States you should probably be more supportive of those who served our country and have empathy for those looking for answers in a world that provides little solutions for them.


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