Manslaughter Charges To Be Recommended For Caitlyn Jenner (VIDEO)

Sheriff’s department officials in California are recommending manslaughter charges be filed against Caitlyn Jenner in the wake of an investigation into a February crash that left a woman dead.

ABC7, in Los Angeles, is reporting that the sheriff’s department will make a recommendation to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office that Jenner be charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide for her role in the accident. Authorities have determined that Jenner was driving at an unsafe speed for conditions when she rear ended another vehicle. The crash, which occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway, involved four vehicles.

Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade struck a car driven by Kim Howe after Howe had rear ended a Toyota Prius that was driven by Jennifer Steindorff. The collision pushed Howe’s car into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by a Hummer. Howe was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities will recommend the misdemeanor manslaughter charge, as opposed to a more serious charge, because while Jenner was traveling too fast for the weather conditions at the time, she was not exceeding the speed limit. Still, even this charge carries the potential of up to a year in jail.

Here’s a report from ABC7:

Featured image via Alberto Frank/Flickr

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