Manhunt For Quadruple Amputee Ends By Suicide In Memphis, Tenn. (VIDEO)

The search for a 30-year-old quadruple amputee Florida man sought for questioning regarding the murder of his parents on Nov. 4 has come to an end in Memphis, Tenn.

While Florida authorities had never officially declared Sean Petrozzino a suspect in the murder of his parents, Michael and Nancy Petrozzino, he was considered the only person of interest and was referred to by local authorities as likely “armed and dangerous.” He was also known to have a gun, and both his parents had been shot to death in their Florida home, where Sean had recently moved in after separating from his wife in Georgia.

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Now, the man who shot himself at a traffic stop in Memphis Monday night, Nov. 10, has turned out to be Sean Petrozzino.

According to local sources, Petrozzino was stopped on Vandalia Street due to making an illegal U-Turn near Sam Cooper Boulevard. It was known in Florida and widely advertised that Petrozzino was driving his father’s 2012 Toyota Camry. Most likely Petrozzino knew the gig was up at that point and decided to take his own life. He shot himself as a local Memphis officer walked up to the vehicle.

WMC Action News 5 out of Tennessee reports that local authorities from Orange County, Fla. will be coming in to aid in the investigation. The story of Petrozzino’s traffic stop and ensuing investigation is currently unfolding.

You can read the backstory on Petrozzino’s murder of his parents and resulting manhunt, here.

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