Man Second Amendments Neighbor’s Dog Because He Thought It Was About To Poop In His Yard (VIDEO)

An 82-year-old Finley, Washington, man may be facing animal cruelty charges after killing a neighbor’s puppy.

Otis McCulley admitted that he shot “Rowdy,” a six-month-old Australian Shepard puppy that belonged to his neighbors’ ten year old son. McCulley’s neighbor, Kathy Davis, says her husband called her to tell her what had happened.

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He [Davis’ husband] said, ‘Rowdy had been shot.’ I said, ‘How do you know?’ And he said, ‘He’s got a big old hole in his gut and he’s bleeding out everywhere.’

The dog was taken to a local veterinarian’s office, where he later died. The vet said that a hollow point round ruptured the puppy’s colon.

KEPR reports that McCulley told them he shot the dog, and several others that had pooped on his yard over the years. Kathy Davis is upset not only that McCulley killed her son’s dog, but that he fired a weapon so close to their house. She told KEPR:

If he had missed the dog, and say it was an hour and a half later in the afternoon, my kids would have been playing basketball in the front yard.

Rowdy got through a hole in a fence that Davis says they would have gladly fixed if McCulley had given them some notice before shooting the dog. “There are so many different ways that this could have been dealt with,” Davis says. “Rather than taking out a gun like that and shooting at our dog, at our house, towards our family.”

The local prosecutor’s office has not yet announced whether McCulley will be charged with a crime. The Davises are planning on filing a civil suit against their neighbor.

Here’s a report, from KEPR:

Featured image: KEPR.

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