Locking People Up For Unpaid Student Loans? One Texas Man Was Just Arrested (VIDEO)

If you’re like most college graduates these days, you find yourself swimming in a sea of student loan debt–all for a very expensive wall decoration that might as well be a high school diploma. For example, college graduates in 2014 had the highest student loan debt ever. You might have majored in anthropology, but all you need to know upon graduating is the difference between a grande and a venti.

But has the astronomical cost of college and the seemingly compulsory act of taking out student loans gotten so out of control that we’re now arresting people, even if their student debt is very small?

That’s reportedly what happened to  Paul Aker, a Houston man was arrested at his home last week by seven armed marshals in combat gear. These jack-booted thugs cuffed him and took him to a federal court house. He was then imprisoned in a cell for roughly an hour before being taken to a judge to work out a payment plan. Want to know what Aker actually owed? A whopping $1,500 from a loan he took out in 1987, according to Fox 26

I couldn’t believe that I’m standing before the court with no rights read to me, no legal representation, and told that I owed $1,500 … I just couldn’t believe it, Aker told Fox 26.

To depress you even further, more than half of American families say they can’t afford to send their kids to college. Maybe there’s a presidential candidate who might fix this? Hmmmmm….

Watch Paul Aker Explain His Frightening Tale Below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5CQcQtgygY]

Featured image via screen capture

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