Kim Davis Offered Half A Mil To Do Lesbian, Interracial Adult Scene

Kim Davis has been offered a gut twisting $500,000 dollars by an online adult film production company, illustriously named “The Dogfart Network” to participate in an interracial, lesbian scene on their online network. No kidding, no gimmick, it’s true.

If someone else pay-per-viewed that I might look, laugh and vomit. I will not shame Kim Davis for arbitrary things like her looks; I don’t have to — a woman like her is ugly from the inside out.

Though unappealing to me at a visceral level because I find hypocrisy disgusting, the verification that it actually happened with one’s own eyes may make this video-that-hopefully-will-never-happen the kind of lucrative endeavour that makes new household names.

Seriously, if Kim Davis does this video you could be buying your crazy uncle a brand “Dogfart” gag-gift for his 3rd wedding. That is how much money it would probably make.

It does make sense, pop celebrity often comes with p0rn or reality television offers. However, I think it would be the funniest Kim Davis video since this one!

Here is the full press release

 With all the controversy surrounding Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to issue same sex marriage licenses even after the Supreme Court of the United States made same sex marriage the law of the land, The Dogfart Network which is the leading online destination for Adult Interracial content is offering the Holy Kim Davis a chance at redemption.

The undisputed kings of interracial porn are dangling $500k to star in a scene for their site, which is one of 23 sites in the companies vast Adult Entertainment Empire. specializes in Lesbian Interracial Erotica.

“We here at Dogfart have always believed in equality. We have interracial sites, gay sites, straight sites, and we think Kim Davis has been appalling,” said a Dogfart Spokesman. “We are giving her a chance at a redemption. We are willing to drop half a million bucks for Kim to come out to our studio and shoot an Interracial Lesbian scene for our network.”

The offer will stand for the next week. She is also welcome to bring her family with her on an all expense paid vacation.

As they say, everyone has their price: it remains to be seen if this is Kim Davis’.

Feature image via Wikimedia Commons.

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