Karma: Scumbag Yells Racial Slurs At Woman In Traffic — Gets What He Deserves (VIDEO)

Susan Khalaf first heard the racial slurs coming from the vehicle behind her. She was sitting in traffic in Beaverton, Oregon where the verbal assault took place. As the racist road-rager pulled up beside her, she quickly put her window down and pulled out her camera to started recording his hate-filled racist chant of the words “wetback” and “beaner.”

She reponded, “You’re an idiot. I’m a f*cking Arab!”

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Khalaf was born in California and her family is of Jordanian descent. She told local news station KGW:

I wanted to see his reaction, because if he’s this racially infuriated by Hispanics, I’m curious to see what his reaction would be with all the — everything going around about Arabs now.

Once home, she uploaded the video to Facebook. The social network has removed the original post but not until after it had gone viral with over 400,000 shares, according to KGW.

With all that sharing, the unnamed man was in for a rude awakening. His employer saw the video and promptly fired the plumber. Wolcott Plumbing of Troutdale released the following statement:

First of all, this is a very upsetting situation.  Under no circumstances do I personally nor do we as a company condone the use of abusive language of any kind to anyone.

Last night (Jan 5) I became aware that a video existed, potentially of one of my employees after work hours, using racial slurs, while driving in his personal vehicle.

Upon further investigation today, I learned and confirmed it was one of my employees in the video. This employee was immediately terminated.

So, does anyone want to take a wild guess who this guy is voting for? While it remains unconfirmed and it is certainly just a hunch – I’d place my bets on the multi-billionaire who has been giving these kinds of guys all kinds of hate-foreplay.

Obviously they are teased up a bit.

Watch the video Susan Khalaf shared on her Facebook page here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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