Karma For The Win! Racist Gets Knocked The F*ck Out After Spewing Slurs At Man’s Girlfriend (VIDEO)

One of the best things about YouTube is being able to watch karma in action. Earlier this year a video was posted of just this very thing and it was amazing.

Now, ordinarily I do not condone violence, but every once in a while I see someone who is so vile and think “this person needs to be punched in the face.” I’m not proud of this, but I’m sure most of you have been there too. As the mother of a mixed child and the wife of an immigrant, I have seen how ugly racism can be first hand. My husband is often treated as a subhuman because of where he was born and people have called my child a “Spic” and a “Wetback” because of his Hispanic heritage. It is incredibly hard not to lose your cool when someone attacks the people you love with their hate and the African-American man in this video wasn’t having any of it.

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According to the description that was posted with the video, the white guy in it had called the black man and his girlfriend all sorts of racist slurs. Fed up with the asshat’s racism, the young man decided to teach him a lesson.

Watch what happens when a karma meets a racist:

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