Josh Duggar’s Biggest Victim, Anna, Is Ready To Take ‘Some Of The Blame’ For His Actions

Josh Duggar recently admitted that he is perhaps the biggest hypocrite alive. He has not only molested four of his sisters and one other young girl, he has also maintained a membership on the cheating site Ashley Madison and fessed up to having a porn addiction. All of this while pointing his finger at the “sinners” of the world.

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Through the molestation scandal, Josh’s wife, Anna, stood by him, believing that his sins had been cleansed by a month of carpentry and some prayer, and that he was pure as the day is long. Now, with the added sins of adultery and lust, one would think that Anna Duggar would have finally had enough to take her children way from this depraved individual before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, Anna Duggar may not be doing that. According to People, she will likely assume at least “some” of the blame for what Josh has done, and she will likely not divorce him according to the publication’s anonymous source.

The only way to explain it is that this woman is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome at this point, having been a captive in Diddler Duggar’s home long enough to sympathize with him. Josh is already pulling out all the stops, claiming the devil was in his heart. Anna will no doubt make sure they sleep with a stack of Bibles and pray lots, as prayer is the Christian right’s solution for scumbag.

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Let’s face it, scumbag is exactly what he is. When the diddler scandal happened Josh swore he was “cured” of his sexual deviancy. He said together with God he was able to get past it and move on with his life. Move on to where? To a place where you preach against same-sex marriage because it will destroy traditional marriage while on the side you’re being unfaithful to your traditional wife.

Josh Duggar has proven that his sexual needs have never conformed with what he pretended them to be. An “addiction” to pornography could mean a great deal of things. With his admitted past, is he really over his thing for young girls or will we find out he should be sharing a cell with Jared Fogle?

Whether you loathe her or feel sorry for her, Anna Duggar is a victim. Hopefully his toddler daughter hasn’t joined the growing list of people who fit that description.

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