Jeb Bush Is So Clueless He Defends THE WRONG CITY’S Grand Jury In Tamir Rice Case (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush really seems to have a hidden agenda to destroy any credibility left to the Bush name. His nearly imbecilic defense of the decision by a Cleveland Grand Jury not to even try Tamir Rice’s murderer in a court of law is as epic a fail as any of the historical Bush word salads of note.

Bush, in his obtuse manner, stated that the process worked. He also seemed to say that police need to rebuild trust in Chicago (the WRONG CITY) so this Grand Jury Decision was probably the right thing; you know, since Jeb “doesn’t believe that all Grand Juries are racist.” It is hard to tell what he means, especially when you know he doesn’t actually know exactly what he is talking about.

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Seriously, did he just defend the decision to allow a police officer to suffer no consequences for the murder of a 12-year-old boy? A boy who was holding a toy gun and murdered less than two seconds after the cop exited his patrol car, in a CLEVELAND public park because “Chicago has got a lot of work to do to rebuild trust?” Shame on Jeb Bush for speaking about such a sad and mind-boggling situation when he didn’t even know where the violence happened — just deciding somehow that it was in Chicago — and dismissing the loss of a child’s life as if it were acceptable for police to kill with impunity.

Watch the hapless turd make a grand a$$ of himself, here:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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