In The First 164 Days Of 2016 The Number Of Mass Shootings In America Is…(VIDEO)

On Sunday Morning, a gunman opened fire inside of Pulse, a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing at least 50 innocent people. This shooting marks the largest mass shooting in U.S. History.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country in West Hollywood, California police intercepted a suspect on his way to a gay pride celebration in possession of pipe bombs and semi-automatic rifles.

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However, most Americans are not aware of the fact that there have been many more mass shootings that have taken place this year than what they see, read, and hear about in the news.

So far, Americans are 164 days into 2016. And within those 164 days, there have been 133 mass shootings in the U.S. this year.

A Non-profit organization called Gun Violence Archive (GVA) tracks mass shootings in the U.S. Their data indicates that America has had 76 days where at least one mass shooting has taken place this year, and 88 days without.

A total of 207 people had died this year from mass shooting incidents, which includes the victims in Sunday’s Orlando shooting.

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GVA uses the FBI standard for defining what constitutes a mass shooting event. The FBI defines a mass shooting as a single incident involving four or more people getting shot (although not necessarily killed). The definition also doesn’t include the shooter in the tally.

On Sunday, President Obama addressed the nation concerning the events which took place in Orlando. Sunday’s press conference marks at least the 14th occasion that President Obama has held a news conference to address a mass shooting in the U.S., and chances are he will hold more before he finishes his final term.

PBS reported that there were 372 mass shootings in the U.S. with 475 deaths and 1,870 Americans wounded. With 201 days left in the year, 2016 mass shooting totals could match or surpass last year’s numbers.

For more information on mass shootings in 2016 click here.

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