Hungarian Camerawoman Filing Suit Against Refugee AND Facebook To Defend Her Honor (VIDEO)

Petra Laszlo, Hungarian camerawoman, wasn’t content to just be internationally reviled for kicking and tripping a Syrian refugee and his young son as they crossed the Hungarian-Serbian border. Now painting herself as the ‘victim’ in this equation, Laszlo announced her intention to file suit against both the refugee she tripped AND social media network, Facebook.

In an interview with Russian news outlet Izvestia, Laszlo alleges that Facebook refused to remove threatening and negative messages aimed at her, and banned groups which were set up to support her. In addition, she is actually suing the refugee she tripped, Osama Abdul Mohsen. Mohsen, age 52, is now working in Spain at the country’s national soccer coaching academy. Laszlo states that Mohsen changed his story when he first said he thought the police tripped him. Let’s see … international refugee, crying child, stressful circumstance, surrounded by police and journalists, falling to the ground cradling your young child and trying to prevent his being hurt … but he’s supposed to know EXACTLY who, what, when, where and why someone stuck their leg out and tripped him? Hmm … let’s go to the tape, shall we?

Laszlo was fired from her camerawoman position at Hungary’s N1TV, and faced criminal charges as well. Despite issuing a written apology (published in Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet) in which she stated she was ‘truly sorry’ for what happened and took responsibility for it, Laszlo is now the injured party and wants to defend her ‘honor.’ She says that she and her family may move to Russia, because they feel threatened and are afraid to go outside.

Any volunteers want to go stand at the Hungary-Ukraine border and wait for them?

Featured image courtesy of YouTube screen capture.

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