Holy Crap They Really Do Exist! THIS Is Policing Done Right (VIDEOS)

Day in and day out we see stories of great injustice and sadness. We hear stories of racism, police brutality, murder — and the world feels so frightening and so out of control.

And then, there are the stories of hope and real life heroism. These are the stories that restore your faith in humanity that you so desperately needed at 2 p.m. on a Monday.

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Meet Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department.


Officer Norman has been part of NLRPD as a patrol officer since 1998. In that time, he has fostered a relationship with the community he serves like none other. This guy is straight out of Mayberry — and that is meant as the most esteemed of compliments. Now, his style of policing has a chance to impact more than just his local community.

For several years, Norman has been posting on social media. Daily he shares words of encouragement, calls for peace and calls for fellow officers to be active in their communities through acts of kindness, love and empathy – not just brute force.

Community policing means more than just enforcing the law.


It is apparent by the posts he shares on Facebook — this guy is the real deal. The events shared aren’t just PR opportunities at local charity events, they are his actual daily activities while “walking the beat.”


We need more of this. This IS a huge part of the answer.

I’m quite sure there are many “Officer Normans” among the ranks in our police forces. Dedicated men and women who take their civil service seriously — who reach out to the people they serve with a loving heart and understanding — who make a huge difference in the communities they live and work. I’m sorry that their badges have been tarnished by the actions of a few.

Thank you, Officer Norman. Thank you.

Check out just a few of the videos posted on Officer Norman’s page. They really will brighten your day.






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