High Speed Chase Ends With Suspect Being Beaten By People He Crashes Into (VIDEO)

On what seems to be a typical street on a typical day, a robbery suspect in North Dallas led police on a high-speed chase Wednesday that ended unexpectedly when the villain caused a crash and endangered the lives of several innocent people.

The incredible conclusion to the chase was caught on video by helicopter. As the suspect came barreling to a busy intersection with nowhere to go, he slams into a minivan at a very high rate of speed. What happens next is priceless.

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A woman jumps from the minivan, not at all concerned that she’s confronting a criminal, and begins to beat the man. A male bystander helps her bring him to the ground just as police arrive on the scene and arrest the scoundrel.

He was probably pretty glad to have the police come and save him from the beating he was taking.

No other details were immediately available. The crash caught on the video is horrific, it’s a wonder nobody was seriously injured.

It’s more of a wonder that the man whose obvious wanton disregard for human life wasn’t killed by the people whose day he ruined with his selfish bout of stupidity.

H/T: ABC13 | Image: Screen Capture from YouTube


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