Heartwarming Dove Commercial Shows Two Gay Dads’ First Moments As Parents (VIDEO)

It’s happening, guys. It’s REALLY happening. Progress for the LGBT community is underway and it is an absolutely beautiful thing to witness. I, for one, am proud to be living in a time that is paving the way of acceptance for my children and their children. While equality may not be here completely – we are well on the way.

This inclusion and acceptance can be seen in some of the smallest things that we often take for granted. Even, television commercials.

Dove Men+Care has launched an endearing Father’s Day commercial that is guaranteed to cause a bit of leaking from the eyes. (Is someone cutting onions in here?) And, in this commercial, which features a diverse group of fathers in their first moments of fatherhood, we see a clip of two fathers meeting their newborn for the very first time.

Their warm embrace can’t be missed. And, the heart fills with joy.

With all the negativity in the world and so many wrongs that must be righted – it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of all that has been accomplished. While I know the work is yet to be finished, it is nice to just pause for a moment and realize that what we are doing in our country really is bringing about change.

Ten years ago, you would not have seen Ian Colvin and his husband, Darryl, included in a commercial like this. Now, we get to swoon with their joy right along with them.

That’s progress, friends. That’s equality in motion. And, I have absolute faith that it will only continue to grow.

Imagine how great it will be in a few more decades.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture

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