GRAPHIC DASHCAM: Cop Shoots Unarmed DUI Suspect, Calls It An ‘Accident’–Won’t Face Charges (VIDEO)

Twenty-six year old Andrew Thomas made some terrible choices on Thanksgiving morning. He chose to drive drunk, putting himself, his wife and the general public in danger. He chose to try to elude the cop who pulled him over, leading to a high-speed pursuit. He crashed his SUV shortly thereafter, killing his wife. What happened next wasn’t his choice.

Paradise, California Police Officer Patrick Feaster approached as Thomas climbed from the vehicle, drew his weapon and shot him in the neck. He then calmly re-holstered his firearm and went and looked at the suspect, never once offering him any form of medical assistance. Feaster was put on paid administrative leave, otherwise known as vacation — a popular reward cops get for shooting people, while the incident was investigated. He won’t face charges.

He says he drew his weapon because he thought the drunk man, who just rolled his SUV and was climbing through a window to escape the wreckage, would flee. He also doesn’t seem to remember shooting him at all. According to Action News Now:

When backup arrived on the scene, Feaster did not mention anything about having fired his weapon. According to Ramsey, Feaster notified his commanding officer about the discharge only after Thomas’ gunshot wound was found.

As the commanding officer suggested an investigator return to Canteena and try to find out if Thomas had been shot at the bar, Feaster revealed that he may have shot Thomas.

Ramsey said nearly 11 minutes passed before any other officers, medics or firefighters learned Thomas had been shot.

This guy gets to keep his badge, and even more frightening, his gun.


Does this look like an accident? Watch and decide for yourself:

Featured image via screen capture

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