GOPer Left Sputtering As Teacher Brings Town Hall To Its Feet With Brutal Observation About Trump

Republicans are returning to their home states for their winter break but definitely aren’t receiving a warm welcome.

In a pattern that is emerging throughout the country, GOPers who spent the last month in Washington betraying the very foundations of American democracy by helping Donald Trump are finding that the voters who they are supposed to represent are furious. It’s a beautiful outpouring at rage towards a group of politicians who seemed to think their actions had no consequences.

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In Utah, obsessed Hillary Clinton witch hunter and supposed Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz probably regrets even showing up to his town hall meeting. The room was packed with angry constituents that loudly told him to “do his job” and start investigating Trump for his numerous conflicts of interest and ethics violations. When Chaffetz said he would do no such thing, the crowd got even more animated.

The meeting reached a boiling point when a former Salt Lake City elementary school teacher stood up and delivered a powerful smackdown of Trump and the Republicans who won’t stop him. The ensuing cheers overwhelmed the feckless Chaffetz.

The woman explained that as a teacher she rarely had discipline problems with her students.

“I laid out my expectations very clearly and I laid out the consequences.”

But sometimes she just had a feeling…

“Once in a while, at the beginning of the year, after just two or three weeks, I could look at a kid and think ‘You’re going to be a problem.’ It’s been two or three weeks [since Trump’s inauguration]…”

Just perfection.

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