God Before Government Pastor Illegally Flies Christian Flag Over U.S. Flag, Says You Should Too (VIDEO)

One N.C. pastor is taking steps to organize a national “coming out” of what we’ve all known for a long time anyway. He’s erected a flagpole outside his Elizabeth Baptist church, in Shelby, specifically to raise “two flags” to make a point and launch a campaign on behalf of all the “persecuted” Christians out there. The point, he says, is symbolic, and “consistent with our founding documents”: Pastor Rit Varriale is illegally flying the Christian flag above the U.S. flag, and he wants the rest of America to do the same.

It’s nice to have things out in the open and all the cards on the proverbial table, isn’t it?

We all knew Christians obviously follow their god first and foremost. After all, if you truly believe in that sort of thing, that only makes sense. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to follow God than the president? One is all-knowing, all-powerful, filled with an itchy smiting finger. The other is a man elected to allegedly run the country in the best interests of the people. So it makes sense, and it’s good to see them not only admit it, but hang handy flags out front so we know where allegiance to equality, law, justice, and country runs into static. Varriale calls the current, legal arrangement of flags “completely improper,” however, and has other ideas.

But, because the U.S. Flag Code says no flag shall fly above the U.S. flag, the organization Varriale has formed around and behind this action, God Before Government, can safely be referred to as a criminal organization, and one he is hoping will catch on across the entire nation — with himself at the helm, naturally. Check out the organization’s rallying statement, below:

In Varriale’s eyes, his suggestion for the positioning of the flags is “a symbol that we’ll serve God before we serve government, especially a government that tries to coerce us to violate our commitments to God.”

As evidence for his logic, Varriale points toward the Pledge of Allegiance. He asks, it’s “One nation –what? – under God.”

But as Jon Green wrote for americablog.com:

Of course, no one is forcing Pastor Varriale to violate his religious beliefs by presiding over a gay wedding. And, of course, our national motto – while not carrying anything resembling the force of law – has only included reference to God since 1954. As in, when Frances Bellamy wrote the original in 1892, he didn’t consider it at all religious.

Not surprisingly at all, Varriale’s actions come about as a knee-jerk reaction against the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favor of marriage equality. But thanks to his national call for folks to break the law in the name of “Christian persecution,” until we are actually able to mature enough as a society to embrace our LGBTQ family and brethren, folks will at least know where the bigots hang.

Now, everyone will know where these hot spots of anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-women’s rights, bigotry and prejudice are. Folks expecting a free, tolerant country based in justice and equality, as the “founding” documents also play at, can take care to step around such hot spots demarcated by their Christian flags radiating above the waving stars and stripes of Old Glory like shoes on a telephone wire.

Of course, you didn’t need a flag waving outside to tell you that, though, did you?

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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