Spitting On The Screen: Geraldo Tells Black Folks How To Save Themselves From ‘Urban Suicide’ (VIDEO)

There is a reason protestors drove Geraldo Rivera out of Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, and you’ll see why after watching the clip below.

Once again, true to “Fox News” form, a panel titled “Race in America” was put together on Wednesday night’s “Hannity” without a single African-American participant present to speak. Not that “Fox News” is incapable of digging up an Uncle Tom when it suits its purposes, but it should underline the point even more that it failed, once again, to even bother doing that.

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Leaping on the opportunity to criticize Lebron James’ choice to speak out by silently wearing a T-shirt with “I Can’t Breathe” printed across his chest as he warmed up for the Cavaliers-Nets game in Brooklyn, Geraldo put his mustache to work deflecting the reality of systemic racism in the country and once again placed blame squarely on the black community.

Geraldo stated:

I wondered to myself, what if LeBron James instead had a shirt, ‘Be a better father to your dad’ — I mean, ‘Be a better father to your son,’ ‘Raise your children,’ Those difficult issues are not being dealt with by the black community because they are so complex, they are so deep-rooted, they are really so profoundly troubling that they don’t want to try.

Isn’t that nice of Geraldo to speak on, to summarize the feelings of an entire race that has been systematically oppressed for hundreds upon hundreds of years across the globe? Geraldo knows exactly what that’s like, and exactly how black folks feel.

Thank God he’s here to show us all what the real problem is, eh? If only he’d been here when the first slave ships landed, and when black folks were legislated as only 3/5ths a human being. He could have whipped black fathers into shape in time for black folks to be recognized as actual people, right? We need to put a cape on that guy’s mustache and build statues of him in Harlem. Never mind the economic, psychological and emotional warfare that’s been waged against people of color since the alleged “founding” of this country. No, that’s not the problem that could have led to such a distrust and outrage of the system. It’s because black fathers are allegedly not present in the home providing guidance.

Forget for a moment that 50 percent of all marriages across the racial spectrum fail. It’s black people’s fault police continue to gun them down for little more than showing themselves in public. Maybe their fathers should teach them to stay hidden, indoors with a soft-shoe shuffle. Maybe that’s why white folks forced black folks at the back of everything – for their own safety. Yeah. . . that’s it.

But Geraldo didn’t stop trying to speak for and save black folks from there. No, he continued right on:

And it is a victimization mentality that we can only motivate, when we are the victims. It goes in keeping with everything that’s happened to the black community and the generations preceding. It’s easy to demonstrate and be outraged when we are the victims. ‘Look what they are doing to us rather than what we are doing to ourselves.’ There’s a kind of urban suicide happening here that has to be dealt with.

Notice how and when Geraldo conveniently shifts from “we” to “they” in the statement above – that should illustrate a lot of what is going on with his statement, too.

This is the same guy who blamed Travyon Martin’s murder on the fact that he was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, too; indicating that Martin was complicit in his own murder by George Zimmerman because systemic white fear creates an atmosphere of anxiety around black males and propagates that fear if the black male happens to look tough or “menacing” because of certain attire. Forget, again, for the moment that what appears as “menacing” can be a completely subjective opinion, and a skewed one at that under a society such as described immediately above. This is also the same guy who threatened followers tweeting their angry racism at him on Twitter for complimenting President Obama’s immigration reform, that he would report them to ‘Fox News’ and Facebook authorities. Now, here he is spouting his very own racism on the very same network he threatened to report the racists on Twitter to. . . oh, sweet irony. I guess we can see more clearly, now, how Geraldo’s mind works — when you get into hot water, time to run to big daddy.

You can watch the entire, despicable, ignorant exchange that is “Fox News” below, but do so, at the very least, with a critical mind, lest you fall under the sway of racist bullsh*t.


H/T: Mediaite | Featured image: YouTube

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