George Zimmerman Thinks Killing Trayvon Was God’s Plan And Wanting Him Alive Is ‘Almost Blasphemous’

If George Zimmerman hadn’t shot and killed an unarmed African-American teenager, he’d simply be someone’s angry neighbor with a drinking problem and a wife beater t-shirt. He’d be the one on the block that mothers would make their kids walk out of their way to avoid. Instead, Zimmerman is a folk hero – all because he killed someone who broke no laws whatsoever.

Not surprisingly, Zimmerman pretty much agrees with his folk hero status. In fact, he has deluded himself into believing that he did God’s work when he killed Trayvon Martin and that to think otherwise borders on blasphemous.

Zimmerman is perhaps the least introspective person on the planet. He claims that his conscious is completely clear from the events of that fateful night. In a recent interview, Zimmerman explained that he also feels that he is the true victim.

I feel that now is the perfect time to speak my mind without fear of retaliation by the president, the attorney general, the federal government etc.,” Zimmerman explained. “Initially I was extremely alleviated. Quickly that turned into realization that the Department of Justice finding that there was no basis to pursue [federal] charges was just the beginning of a journey — my personal journey — to correct the wrongs that the federal government did. To ensure that it never happens to any innocent American ever again.

“I believe God has his plans, and for me to second-guess them would be hypocritical, almost blasphemous,” he said when asked if he wished the encounter that ended Martin’s life would have turned out differently.

That’s not to say that Zimmerman doesn’t blame anyone. Like most Republicans, he blames the President and says that “Barack Hussein Obama” as been really unfair to him.

He took what should have been a clear-cut self-defense matter, and still to this day on the anniversary of the incident he held a ceremony at the White House inviting the Martin-Fulton family and stating that they should take the day to reflect upon the fact that all children’s lives matter,” Zimmerman continued. “Unfortunately for the president, I’m also my parent’s child and my life matters as well. And for him to make incendiary comments as he did and direct the Department of Justice to pursue a baseless prosecution he by far overstretched, overreached, even broke the law in certain aspects to where you have an innocent American being prosecuted by the federal government which should never happen.

He also remarked that the Martin-Fulton family should have asked for calm, which they did.

The video, which was recorded by his attorney, can be seen here.

Since Zimmerman was acquitted, he has been arrested numerous times, and each time, he gets away with it.

H/T: Raw Story | Feature image via video screenshot.

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