Gay Hatin’ Christians Storm Meeting In Texas, Anti-LGBT Plans Hilariously Backfire (VIDEO)

As President Obama was deploying  ACORN foot soldiers armed with Saul Alinksy books to invade Texas this week, gallant cultural warriors were trying to bring down the evil LGBT agenda at a county meeting in Texas.

Groups of religious conservatives infiltrated a Hood County Commissioners meeting in Texas on Tuesday, with the explicit intent that LGBT books be censored or outright banned from the local public library. Yes, apparently Texas has libraries. Luckily, their blind hatred was immediately shot down in the name of freedom of speech and tolerance.

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It all went down after a local Tea Party chapter started circulating requests to have two LGBT-themed books — “This Day in June” and “My Princess Boy” — removed from the Hood County library children’s section.

One horribly misinformed Texan (is there any other kind?) explained her case in the most utterly stupid and irrelevant way possible.

“The Founding Fathers designed our Constitution from Bible principles as Moses was instructed to bring the law down to the people… So, America was founded on God,” she insisted, imploring the commissioners to compare the United States to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Raw Story)

I’m not going to waste any bandwidth attempting to explain how utterly wrong this woman is, so just watch the video below and enjoy.



Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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