Fox News: Poor Stealing From The Rich, Obama Buying Votes With SNAP And Medicaid

Stuart Varney, from Fox “Business,” went to the place Republican politicians and their ignorant base of voters love more than anywhere else in the fantasy world they live in: blaming all of America’s problems on the poor.

“This is redistribution,” said Varney in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” “This is the administration taking from this group, giving to that group, essentially buying votes.”

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The poor are stealing your money, America, all so Obama can buy votes, even though he has no more elections to win.

Varney goes on to spew forth all the billions the government is “wasting” on programs like SNAP, Medicaid, housing assistance and of course Social Security disability.  Varney even tosses the earned income tax credit under the bus, calling it “a check in the mail.”

Many working families call it “the only way we’ll be able to purchase a car this year or fill the heating oil tank next winter.”

The highlight for your Uncle Rudy watching for his daily dose of hate was the little diatribe about “Obamaphones,” a program started by Reagan and expanded to cell phones by Dubyah.

Varney claims it doesn’t make sense that more than 46 million Americans are still on food assistance when the Great recession ended in 2009. In true Fox fashion, the 46 million number is used as a benchmark with the claim that SNAP participation has remained there for 39 straight months.

Varney doesn’t mention that between September 2013 and September 2014 the number of participants decreased by 845,000 people and continues to decrease monthly as the economy recovers. Oh goodness, no. It’s over 46 million, therefore they have a story.

Maybe Varney rebounded from the recession the day it was declared over, but those people hit hardest in the service and building industries are still to this day trying to put their lives back together after eight years of deregulation, tax handouts to corporations and the wealthy, un-funded gifts to Big Pharma and a couple of wars to line the pockets of the likes of Haliburton.

With massive numbers on display like “$5.9 billion a month” for SNAP, Fox enthusiasts are sure to ramp up the dirty looks at anyone using their EBT card this week.  Never mind that the money spent on programs like snap account for all of four cents on your tax dollar.  Poor people are just lazy and don’t deserve to eat.

The true hypocrites will surely make sure nobody sees them using their card, since SNAP participation remains highest in overwhelmingly red states.

Watch Varney go full douche in the video below, courtesy of Media Matters.

H/T: Media Matters | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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