Fox News Is Taking Talking Points From A College Freshman Blogger (VIDEO)

If you work for or listen to Fox News, the worst thing that can be taught about 9/11 is that, while the attack was a criminal act there might be a lesson that Americans can learn as well.

Schools across the country, as they should, have included 9/11 in their curriculum. On August 28th, a University of North Carolina freshman named Alec Dent penned a post in a conservative blog called The College Fix. In his blog he said about an English class called “Literature of 9/11,” that the class is sympathetic to the terrorists.

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The reading assignments for the class, which includes poems, memoirs and graphic novels, present terrorists in a sympathetic light and American political leaders as greedy, war hungry and corrupt, according to a review by The College Fix.

The readings mostly focus on justifying the actions of terrorists – painting them as fighting against an American regime, or mistaken idealists, or good people just trying to do what they deem right. None of the readings assigned in the freshman seminar present the Sept. 11 attacks from the perspective of those who died or from American families who lost loved ones.

Fox News, naturally, without fact checking, jumped right on the story. Elizabeth Hasselbeck complained that the class presents America as imperialistic and that it views the attack through the eyes of terrorists. Here’s the video:

On another Fox show called Outnumbered, Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery complained about the supposed one-sided teachings of the class and that it doesn’t focus on the victims. Here’s that video:

This class, which is taught by Professor Neel Ahuja, has been around since 2010 and it includes a lot of references to victims and first responders.

Here are just a few examples the Fox hosts failed to mention:

  • A photographic series exploring public 9/11 memorials

  • A graphic novel about 9/11 written by Art Spiegelman, a Pulitzer

  • Prize winning journalist who witnessed the attacks at close range

  • A poem by Suheir Hammad, a Palestinian-American who writes about her brother in the U.S. military and her experience narrowly avoiding the World Trade Center on 9/11

  • A poem in memory of the staff of the Windows on the World Restaurant who died in the 9/11 attacks

  • Discussion of the famous “Falling Man” photograph capturing a 9/11 victim as he fell to his death, and the 2007 Don DeLillo novel about a 9/11 survivor inspired by it

  • Excerpts from the non-partisan 9/11 Commission Report and the 2002 Justice Department “Bybee” memo authorizing torture against terror detainees

  • Historical writings on the evolution of terrorism

  • The film “Zero Dark Thirty,” which depicts the mission that captured and killed Osama bin Laden

    Source: Media Matters

As for the perspective of the terrorists, there are some poems from Guantanamo detainees that were cleared for release by the Bush administration. None were from 9/11 terrorists.

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