SHOCKER: Fox News Hosts Miss Point of ‘Catcalling’ Video Entirely

“Smile! You should smile more!”

A video recently went viral showing actress Shoshana B. Roberts walking silently down streets in Manhattan, NY getting sexually harassed over and over by men in the street. In just 10 hours she was verbally harassed 100 times.

She did not talk or look at the men who were catcalling her. Roberts was wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans and men of all races, ages and creeds called out to her and tried to hit on her, follow her and get her to engage with them even though she was obviously communicating to them she was not interested by looking straight ahead and not speaking.

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Here it is in case you missed it:

Since the video aired the media is now having a conversation on the topic of catcalling and why it’s demeaning and intrusive to women who are merely trying to get from point A to point B; you know, because they have better things to do than talk to men who shout at random women.

But the point was completely lost on Fox News hosts of the show called The Five. The female hosts didn’t care to comment, so Eric Bolling, misogynist asshat, was asked to speak on the issue of catcalling first.

Bolling said:

I watched this video, it’s about two minutes long. She goes through her day in New York city. Look, I’m not going to condone it but I will tell you nothing was disrespectful there. There was a lot of people saying ‘God Bless’ or ‘You look fantastic’. They were very complimentary, and she may not have wanted it but I find it very hard to find verbal harassment there. Am I wrong?

Yes. Yes, you are.

The women on the show then categorically deny that this happens, because it doesn’t happen to them (probably the result of being a Fox News host), they said that harassment is in “in the ear of the beholder,” because being shouted out by a strange man is apparently charming to some ears.

Greg Gutfield then added his two cents with:

She is finding fault with men on the street saying ‘Hello’ to her. Which may in fact be their only way of contacting women, so it’s their bar and she’s walking through it.

It’s their sidewalk and she just has to accept them.

Sigh. The street is a public domain; it is not a bar; it is not a dating site or a runway— that is the point of this video. It’s a sidewalk that everyone but women are seemingly allowed to use in peace.

Gutfield then went on to solve the problem of catcalling entirely by offering the solution of taking a picture of the strange man who is bothering a woman and posting it up on ‘Gutfield’s Catcall Wall of Shame’ (which will never exist) because I’m sure interacting with said stranger is EXACTLY what women who feel naked and objectified want to do.

But the cherry on top of the sexist cake came when co-host Bob Beckel, the most liberal guy on Fox News (yeah right), chimes in saying:

She got 100 catcalls, let me add 101: Damn, baby, you’re a piece of woman!

Good job Fox News, once again you just don’t get it.

If you get it, then click here to find out how you can help fight street harassment. Or check out this video’s hilarious way of dealing with men who tell women to “Smile!”

H/T: Huffington Post Photo: YouTube


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