Fox News Host Says Australian Attack Proves America Needs To Torture (VIDEO)

Leave it to Fox News to make a connection between yesterday’s lone wolf attack in Sydney, Australia, and the CIA’s use of torture. On the morning show, “Fox and Friends,” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck used the unfolding events down under to ridicule the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the brutal interrogation methods employed by the CIA against prisoners in the “war on terror.”

After co-host Steve Doocy summarizes what had happened to that point in the Australian crisis, Hasselbeck jumps in.

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Meanwhile, the actual individuals here at home, who have been into, and trying to stop attacks like this, and perhaps future hostage situations, as we are still at war with indeed, ISIS, and terrorism, are the CIA. And they’ve been painted as the bad guys at home.

After that Sarah Palin-esque statement, Hasselbeck mentions former Vice President Dick Cheney’s interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” and they run a clip of Cheney’s claim that the U.S. did not prosecute Japanese soldiers for waterboarding after World War II. Cheney’s comments earned him a “false” and a “mostly false” from Politifact. But hey, when did Fox News ever stop quoting a liar they agree with?

When the clip is finished, co-host Brian Kilmeade chimes in, claiming to speak for “the American people” on the subject of torture. Kilmeade says,

The American people really have little compassion for those people in Gitmo. I think these Washington insiders are sitting there, saying, you know, this shouldn’t be done to even the worst of the worst. Let me give you the big picture. Look at the CIA. If they thought the methods were to be nice, to be friendly, in order to get the maximum amount of information, as quickly as possible, that’s what they would have done.

Kilmeade goes on to mention that the Obama administration will be trying to prevent the release of photos of CIA torture, “that would not make us look like the benevolent people we want to portray ourselves as.”

So, in Brian Kilmeade’s right wing addled brain, actually torturing people isn’t that bad thing, it’s the exposure of that torture. Because, if we expose it, and admit to wrongdoing, we no longer look like we’re “benevolent people.”

But, it’s Hasselbeck who makes the biggest leap in the segment. She thinks that an attack by a lone gunman, with no apparent connection to ISIS, or any terrorist group, is proof that what the CIA did was right, and that we need to do more of it.

When you see what’s happening in Australia, today, right now, in a chocolate shop, and you understand the real war with ISIS that we’re in, and the sharp contrast with the accusations of the CIA really just trying to do their job and keep America safe for the past 13 years, startles you, any day.

Because, hey, maybe if the CIA had tortured some people in ISIS, who, by all accounts, were not talking to the Australian gunman, they could somehow magically tell us what he was about to do.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Media Matters:


Screen grab via Raw Story

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