Fox News Host Claims ‘Chivalry’ Will Put Troops In Danger If Women Serve In Elite Units (VIDEOS)

Over the past two days, the show Fox and Friends has gone on the offensive against women serving in elite combat units.

On Sunday, April 5, the weekend edition of Fox and Friends featured a debate between Amber Smith, an Iraq veteran, and former Navy Seal Carl Higbie. After a back and forth about the standards required to serve in elite units, and how standards are different for women, Smith says that she believes that women would have no problems serving in units such as the Seals, providing they can meet the same standards as the men.

Host Anna Kooiman apparently disagrees. Kooiman, who has never been in the military, but apparently knows all about it because she has tried on a uniform, wraps up the segment by asking Higbie, “Does this make chivalry dead?” She wants to know if having a woman in combat along with males would make the men more likely to help her, rather than “one of your brothers in combat.” Higbie agrees that it would.

Here’s the video, via Raw Story/YouTube:

But Kooiman wasn’t done there. On the April 6 Fox and Friends, Kooiman returns to the theme. She asks two female guests, who are unidentified in the clip, “Is chivalry dead? Most men have that innate thing where they want to take care of women.”

One of the guests shoots her down. “I think our troops are a professional force,” she says. “We’ve seen that actually, men and women are perfectly capable of working along side one another.”

Maybe Kooiman thinks that women are the weaker sex, and need to be protected by “chivalrous” males. However, we live in the 21st century, not the Middle Ages, and it’s obvious that a lot of women, as well as men, no longer feel that way.

Here’s video number 2, via Media Matters:

H/T Raw Story, Media Matters | Featured image via U.S. Army/Flickr

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