Fox ‘News’ Guest Walks Out On Sean Hannity: ‘I’m Not Going To Sit Here And Listen To This Hate’ (VIDEO)

On Thursday’s Fox News segment, Sean Hannity’s program turned into a ridiculously chaotic argument between black conservative Jesse Lee Peterson and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.

Peterson, who continuously bad-mouths black political leaders, bluntly compares the Walter Scott shooting to the Travyon Brown and Michael Brown cases. He argues that Americans need to stop overreacting to these incidents. Peterson says:

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We should wait for due process, because I don’t think Americans understand how angry and brainwashed these young black folks are.

Outraged by Peterson’s ignorance, Terrell immediately mutters “Oh God” towards Peterson’s comment, and shouts at Hannity to let him say his piece now.

You better come to me or I’m gone,” Terrell said. “I’m not going to sit here and listen to this hate. It’s my turn.

After Hannity assures Terrell that he would have his turn, but then he goes on a lengthy explanation of the justifiable legal use of force in this case.

Just as Terrell is allowed to speak, Peterson tries to jump back in. Terrell had simply had enough of Peterson’s off the mark rhetoric, and tells him to “quiet down” before taking off his earpiece and microphone, and exiting the studio where they were filming his appearance. As he walks out, Hannity informs Peterson that he left and the conservative replies, “It’s too bad Leo is a little coward.”

Watch a clip of Sean Hannity’s segment via YouTube, below:


H/T: Mediaite : Featured Image: Video Screenshot

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